Beckie Bishop HS English

Mrs. Bishop has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Dr. Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota and a Master of Arts in Quality School from Graceland University in Livonia, Iowa. Her teaching career has spanned kindergarten through 12th grades over more than 30 years! You can find her in the English room teaching critical thinking skills, discussing reading, evaluating authors' ideas from a biblical worldview, and connecting what we see in American and World Literature to what happens in everyday life. She loves teaching at Crosspoint because the culture of grace lives and breathes in the interactions of teachers and students, and the atmosphere is testimony to God's creative work in the hearts and minds of His people.

Jana Crollard PE

Mrs. Crollard earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education with an emphasis in History from Whitworth University. Her teaching experience spans 12 years and multiple subjects including Language Arts, Geography, Reading and Physical Education. She has also coached soccer, track and volleyball. Because she loves to participate with her students, you'll often find her in Gundy Hall playing a new PE game, cheering on her students as they accomplish things they didn't think they could do, or encouraging students to step out of their comfort zone and try new things! She enjoys teaching at Crosspoint because God is at the center of everything we do.

Ben Dykstra Computers, HS Robotics

Mr. Dykstra has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Seattle Pacific University. His many years coaching youth sports prepared him for teaching, and he is entering his second year at Crosspoint. You'll find his students in the computer lab learning how to apply computer applications to their daily lives and taking a break from the traditional classroom routine by enjoying active, hands-on learning in the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere he has created. He enjoys teaching at Crosspoint because he gets to know the students on a deep level, and teach in an environment where he can openly talk to his students about the love of Jesus Christ.

Phil Fernandes HS Bible

Phil Fernandes has a long list of credentials, earning him the nickname "Doc". He is currently the President of the International Society of Christian Apologetics.
His accomplishments include a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from Greenwich University, a Doctor of Ministry from Veritas International University, a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty University, and a Bachelor of Theology from Columbia Evangelical Seminary. He is also the pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship, Vice-President of the International Society of Christian Apologetics, and an Adjunct Instructor at Northwest University. His 25 year teaching career spans the collegiate, seminary, and high school levels. A peek inside his classroom will find him engaged in a biblical and philosophical discussion with his students. He loves Crosspoint because he can teach in a Christian community that loves Jesus, His Word, His truth, and His people!


Julianne Haag HS History

Ms. Haag has a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. Her career experience includes serving in the United States Army Reserves and in Social Services to provide housing for homeless youth and females who have been trafficked. Currently, she is attending Western Governor's University to receive a Masters of Arts in Teaching, Elementary Education. She loves discussing history, the biblical accounts, and connecting the two together for her students.

Lauren Healy Drama

Mrs. Healy has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Education from Seattle Pacific University and a Master of Arts in Theatre from Regent University. She has endorsements in Theatre Arts and Language Arts. After interning, apprenticing, and teaching in the education program at Seattle Children’s Theatre, she began teaching at Crosspoint and is currently in her 10th year. You can find her in the Gwen Mansfield Theatre Space playing theatre games with her students! She loves teaching at Crosspoint because the small school atmosphere allows her to form close relationships with her coworkers and students.

Rebekah Holmes MS/HS Music

Hillary Huff HS English

Tonya Kipple Psychology

Mrs. Kipple has a Bachelor of Science triple major from Carson-Newman University in Education, Special Education and Psychology, a Master of Science from Johns Hopkins University in Special Education, and more than 100 post graduate credits in Education, Special Education and Administration. She has spent her 30+ year career in public or private school education and as a Children's Pastor. Inside her classroom, you'll find an abundant amount of laughter and smiles as her students physically, kinesthetically, and emotionally experience a concept being taught through an engaging and fun activity. She loves teaching at Crosspoint because of the close relationships the students and faculty have and the love and support they show each other! Christ is honored and glorified daily. She love to scuba dive, kayak and spend time with her family. 

Colleen Pagaard  Yearbook, International Program Director

Mrs. Pagaard has been a university instructor and high school teacher for the past 11 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Oral Roberts University and a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University of Tulsa. When you visit her classroom, you'll find her engaged with her students in informed discussions, working collaboratively on yearbook spreads, or helping students research historical topics. She loves teaching at Crosspoint because she has the freedom to align critical thinking and competent scholarship with a Gospel-centered worldview.



Rebecca Parker Art

Mrs. Parker has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with an Emphasis in Fine Arts from the University of Alaska and has been teaching for ten years in both public and private schools, and with at-risk youth. Because she's a firm believer in practicing the art form alongside her students, you can always find her in the ceramics or art studios covered in paint or clay! She enjoys teaching at Crosspoint because the small school environment provides more individualized attention for each student and positively impacts the student’s emotional and academic success!

David Patrow HS History

Mr. Patrow has a Bachelor of Arts in History from Pomona College, a Master of Arts in African Area Studies from UCLA, a Master of Public Health in Population and Family Health from UCLA, an Education Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University, and an Elementary and High School Social Studies Teaching Credential from Western Washington University. He has taught 4th grade for four years and high school social studies for 12. You'll find him with his students, teaching them to become critical thinkers who seek to ask questions about history and what history means to them, rather than simply consuming information. He is enjoying his first year at Crosspoint because he can teach how God has worked through our history and government to make our country a place of freedom unlike any other place in the world.

Heather Raley MS Bible

Heather Raley has been teaching at Gateway Christian schools for nine years. She previously taught middle school English and is now joyfully teaching middle school Bible and praying over spiritual life in chapels and around campus. Heather graduated with a Bachelors of Social Work from Azusa Pacific University and strives to work with and know every student from a lens of curiosity and social-emotional behavior. Every class starts with highs and lows, prayer, and God’s word.  Curiosity behind human behaviors is a favorite study in her free time. Heather graduated with a Masters of Arts in Teaching and an English endorsement from Seattle Pacific University. Heather and her husband, Dave, are blessed with two daughters; both of whom attend Crosspoint. Heather and her family are very involved at newlife North Kitsap. In her free time Heather loves to read about trauma informed resiliency, garden, kayak, bike ride, eat good food, and make memories with her family.    

Jenna Reed HS Science

Mrs. Reed has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from North Dakota State University alongside a Master of Arts in Teaching from Western Governor’s University. A look inside her classroom will find her students working in groups to solve problems and create meaning out of abstract scientific concepts. She enjoys teaching at Crosspoint because her class sizes are small, allowing her to connect with every student and provide individualized assistance. In her spare time, Mrs. Reed enjoys the occasional day of cookie baking, suffering through a alpine hike, or creating a quality excel spreadsheet to track some domestic data. 

Sue Sheline HS Mathematics

Mrs. Sheline has a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon and an endorsement in 4th-12th grade mathematics. She is entering her 31st year of teaching. Her students enjoy a flipped classroom where they hear her lectures at home, so a visit to her classroom will find her students discussing the lecture and doing their homework and practice problems with her guidance. You can also find her outside coaching MS and HS track and cross country! She loves teaching at Crosspoint because she can share her faith with her students and teach them how math is a way to see God's marvelous and intricate creation.

Julie Smith MS Mathematics


Theresa Supelana HS Mathematics and Physics

Mrs. Supelana earned a Master of Arts in Secondary Mathematics Education from Western Governors University and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Western Washington University. This this is her 4th year at Crosspoint. In her classroom, you'll find her sharing her passion for mathematics and how the study of it reveals the glory of creation! She enjoys teaching in a Christian environment at Crosspoint, where the belief that each person is created in the image of God with an ability to think, reason and act from a biblical perspective, drives students and staff to respect themselves and each other. This respect creates meaningful relationships in a safe environment where deeper learning can happen and students can thrive.

Kathy Turnquist Spanish

Mrs. Turnquist has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, specializing in the Spanish language and in Latin American studies from Bethel University in Minnesota. She has a 20-year career in education in various capacities, including bilingual classrooms, Spanish enrichment for homeschool, and Spanish language classes. She is currently working on getting her master's degree in education at the University of Washington. This is her fourth year at Crosspoint. You can find her in our Spanish classroom speaking Spanish (of course) and acting out the words together with her students. Her favorite thing about Crosspoint is being able to share her faith with her students. When she is not teaching, she loves hiking with family or friends.

Jim Walter MS Mathematics

Alisa Weis MS English

Mrs. Weis has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Writing from Whitworth University and a Masters in Secondary Education (English) from University of Phoenix. Before teaching at Crosspoint, she worked in public schools, wrote numerous articles for local papers and published two historical fiction books, Swiftwater and The Emblem. She finds the staff and students at Crosspoint refreshing and is thrilled to teach here after praying for this position for several years. When she's not teaching or writing, Mrs. Weis enjoys running, hiit classes, and spending time with her husband and two middle schoolers on their small farm in Olalla.   

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