March 13, 2020




Dear Parents of Gateway Christian Schools,


Gateway schools are closed beginning Monday, March 16.


I have shared with our teams at Gateway church and schools that these days feel as if we are driving through a construction zone with “pop-up” detour signs that quickly cause a change in course.  We are operating under the motto of “measured and reasonable” with regard to the education and safety of our students and parents/guardians.


A decision has also been made to continue educating your students utilizing online Live Stream Instruction.  This means that your student will be receiving instruction as if they are in the classroom. This means typical classroom expectations such as attendance, homework, and testing will be required of your student, just as if she or he were in the physical classroom.  This is a great benefit in that classroom teaching of this nature maintains your student’s level of education and will not impact your student’s credits, our seniors’ graduation, or even your summer vacation!


Faculty have been training for online live instruction and will continue their training in preparation for Monday, April 6, when all of our classes go “live.  So, while our physical campuses will be closed to students until the Governor’s mandate is lifted, classes at Gateway will resume on Monday, April 6, via live instruction. You will receive a separate email of what this online Live Stream Instruction looks like and what your student’s daily schedule would be.  I understand there are, and will be, questions regarding the technicalities of an online school. We are here to help you in any way we can.


An instruction guide is being developed that will help you and ensure a successful experience for your student. This guide will also address expectations of every student. Since this will be “live teaching instruction,” (as mentioned above) we want to be clear on the expectations.


Thank you for your continued partnership with Gateway Christian Schools.  We will continue to pray for those impacted by the virus and will be ready to continue to offer your student(s) a topnotch education. 


Thank you for your prayers for the faculty as they work hard to bring this new type of education to you and your family.


Finally, in the coming days, a survey will be emailed to you that will help in ensuring your student has the necessary equipment (computer, tablet, mobile device) for a successful online experience.  For those who do not, a list of resources will be made available to guide your purchase.


Again, thank you for the trust you have placed in us.


Tom Duchemin

Lead Pastor, President