Gateway Christian Schools wants to encourage and challenge young people to live active, wholesome and purposeful Christian lives while educating them in an atmosphere of academic excellence. A student at Gateway Christian Schools is a representative of Jesus Christ and the school, both on and off campus. His or her actions and conduct should be subject to the approval of God and lead toward Christian maturity.

A student must have the sincere desire to attend Gateway Christian Schools, and must be willing to submit to the standards and regulations of the school. The student must be courteous and respectful to his or her peers, staff, and faculty.

Attendance at Gateway Christian Schools is a privilege, not a right. No student will be admitted directly following suspension or expulsion from another school. Such a student must prove himself or herself elsewhere before enrollment in our school.

We invite you to take a tour of our campuses to explore the classrooms and meet our teachers and staff. To set up a personal tour, or to find out more about our programs contact our admissions team at:  admissions@gatewaychristianschools.org or click here.